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IM Designs

We offer a full line of Moroccan Handicrafts in a variety of colors, designs, and prices, Our aim is to provide you with the best choice of High-Quality Moroccan Handicrafts, at affordable prices…

our approach is simple, we make curation of what the handicraftsmen do best by exploring their Art of work and telling their stories.
We stay on their side hand in hand in a relationship of trust by presenting their Designs to the greatest number.

Our intention with Moroccan Handicrafts is to share unique art & crafts while promoting cultural understanding,
highlighting the importance of valuing handmade goods and emphasizing the role that handicrafts play in defining culture.

When you choose to have a Moroccan Design from us, you can expect:

– CHOICES: We want to offer the best range of Moroccan handicrafts under one roof
– VALUE: We’ll always provide value for money and easy ways to pay
– MAKE IT EASY: We’ll make it easy and hassle-free
– EXPERTISE: We have experts who will create a great experience every step of the way 


IM Designs is a place where you can feel safe and secure to order from those small artisans.

Email: charaf@imdesigns.shop

Phone: +212 694 848 682

Address: Medina-Marrakech 40000 Morocco


71-75 Shelton Street London Greater London