3 Things you should know before buying your first Rug


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3 Things you should know before you buy your First Rug

Whether you’re looking to save money or you just don’t have any decent places to shop around town, shopping online for rugs is a smart choice. But, shopping online for something that is so visual and tactile is difficult.
My name is CHARAF and in this brief article I will share with you some tips to consider before you buy your first Rug…

1 – Vintage doen’t mean Old or Expensive
one of the key factors that rugs sellers attend to focus on is the word ”Vintage”, althoug vintage does not mean Old, and vintage rug it’s not always expensive,
when we talk about the age of a rug, we know an old rug is rug that has over 100 year, and that rarely to be found, especially in Bazars and Rug shops. even though rug sellers present vintage rugs as they are old to sell them with higher prices…

a vintage Rug can be made recently, for exemple, when we talk about Moroccan carpets, the same materials that been used 100 years ago still used untill now to make rugs, so , a carpet that has an old design that was made centries ago can be called Vintage because of that, the price in this case is determin by the artistic value of the vintage desing and it’s not always expensive…

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Vintage Moroccan Carpet
Vintage Moroccan Carpet
Vintage Moroccan Carpet

2 – Ready or custom made Carpet

you can decide to buy existed rug, or to custom made your Own based on what you looking for in a carpet.
what size, what style, what material…ect, are you in hurry or you have time.
most people prefer to buy existed rugs because of two raesons:
they don’t want to wait 4 to 12 weeks for a rug to be made for them, or they think a custom made rug will cost more, the truth is that there is no difference between the two when it comes to cost.
while ninety percent of interior designers prefer to custom made their own carpets for their projects, that because they have specific details and special designs, so they most likely feel comfortable more about customization of their own carpets.

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moroccan carpet
Custom Made Guerouane Carpet
royal rug
Custom Made Extra Royal Carpet
Custom Made Taznakht Carpet

3 – Valuable Or Cheap Carpets

Rugs are generally an investment when you’re buying larger pieces.
if you looking for cheap rug, you may want to look for machine made Carpets, but if you want a rug that is authentic and go up in value, you defently must look for handmade one, also pay atention to the material used, handmade rugs, either from wool or from silk, they always valuable, Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for rugs is shipping. Rugs are typically superheavy, so you definitely don’t want to pay for shipping, always look for places where they offer free shipping…

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Handmade Bejaad Tribe Carpet
Handmade Art Deco Moroccan Carpet
moroccan carpet
Handmade Guerouane Tribe Carpet

At the end, rugs exist  everywhere, just keep in mind to buy from someone who are trustworthy and looking more to help then making profit, and always compare between different places before making a decision…

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